Results and Testimonials

Since beginning this work in September 2007, I have run many courses. The results which emerge from each individual are awe-inspiring, myself and participants are always left amazed at how magical the Self-Alignment process is. Read below some extracts from previous participants and those who have run the process privately.


"Having completed all the stages of the process, the pristine self that emerged during the projector process (which I knew was significant but was not sure in what way) was the last piece of paper that I placed on my project. It was at this point I felt an overwhelming freedom from the constraint that my project had placed on me since the age of two years old. The emotion rose up from the location of my project within myself and passed through the location of the project before this one (which was indeed the cause). The emotion experienced was grief (expressed by a wailing noise) for the loss of the project, for which I now had a complete understanding of and which had now evolved into something different and indeed more positive. Not wanting to sound too dramatic, I would describe it as a rebirth."


"Anyway the weekend ... Wow what a powerful and amazing weekend. I thought I'd picked a fairly mundane project to work with, but it was unbelievable what I discovered about myself and my beliefs. I was also surprised by the emotion attached to some of the work.

The experience didn't end on Sunday evening or on the journey home where I was compelled to put chilled music on the CD and I continued to process in a way that was far more far reaching way than the confines of my project. This processing continued I guess until about Wednesday. I am confident in saying the weekend has helped me make a substantial shift in my thinking and knowledge about what makes me tick. THANKS."


"So what came out of that lot. Immediately I came away more focused on my project and more comfortable with my project. I also felt that I had a clearer understanding of myself in that there was some aspects of me that I hadn't realised before particularly connecting the actions of a young self with a current self. I am not a great one for action plans though I do believe that if you add something to a person, they are changed and therefore the decisions that they make and the actions that they take in the future will be different from those that they would have made without that addition. Who knows what the future will bring to us..."


"It has exceeded my expectations, and on a personal basis proved most useful."